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Hi, I’m Zach!  I’ve been creating content online since 2014.  In that time, I’ve amassed 100s of  Rave Reviews, Testimonials, and Loyal Clients.

My Writing Story

I started writing for one reason and one reason only.

I wanted to make a way to homeschool my sons.  It didn’t quite work out that way.  Writing requires peace and quiet.  Children don’t offer much of that.  While writing didn’t provide the path to homeschooling I thought it would, it provided something more fundamental and more important.  It gives me a way to create a future for my family I may have never dreamed of without it.  The raise that came with writing professionally changed things.

Funnily enough, I kind of fell into this.  I’ve always been a good writer.  In fact, I probably could have been getting paid to write almost fresh out of high school.  Luckily, the “gig economy” made online freelancing more accessible to everyone.  From there, I’ve let my passion lead.  Know It All Copy is a product of that.

My Expertise

Love of Learning & Research

This shouldn’t come as a surprise from someone who creates a brand called “know it all.”  Thoroughness is one of my primary strengths in the content marketplace.

"White Hat" SEO Expert

SEO is a know-it-all’s dream.  It didn’t take me long to find it once I started writing for a living.  Now, I run an SEO company and rank sites on Google for fun.

Sales Copywriting Master

You need words that actually convert leads into customers.  Otherwise, they’re a waste of your money.  What’s more, sales copy increases the ROI of your other marketing.

My Approach

My pitch is pretty much always the same:

I create the best content on planet earth for your topic.  Whether it’s a whitepaper, a Facebook ad, or an entire book, my goal is to blow everything else out of the water.  It’s not always easy.  But it is worth it.  That’s why our copywriting dominates Google and increase sales so well.  It’s not an accident.  It’s strategic planning and execution.

Once I have your full faith, we can take things to another level.  I’m a great writer, sure.  But I’m an even better planner of writing.  Let me help you figure what to write, when to write it,  and how to write it.

My Best Work & Favorite Clients


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